Saturday 14 August 2010

"Benefit fraud is already low" point out the London School of Economics

This post by Jane Tinkler of LSE explains that:

The coalition government’s initiatives may simply spread a lot of alarm amongst benefits claimants and poorer households, doing little to deter fraud but a great deal to discourage legitimate claimants.

She should explain that to The Sun. She goes on:

My table below shows that over the last decade, the levels of fraud in the system have dropped from over 2% of total benefits payments in 2000 to well below 1% in 2009.

Less than 1%. The way the tabloids and the coalition go on you'd think it was nearer 100%.

Jane's article is well worth a read.

Thanks to @RichmondAID for tweeting the link.

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  1. Can we get that printed on billboards? Fly posters? Leaflets to hand out outside supermarkets? Lol. Very interesting, thanks.