Friday 6 May 2011

Press request

I received this Email from journalist Amandine Alexandre:

I work as a journalist in London for French media.

I am looking for testimonies on the Work Capacity Assessment for a piece which will be broadcasted on the French radio-station Europe 1 ( on Wednesday morning.

The idea is to talk to someone who has been put through this test and was found fit for work when, in reality, he/she is not capable of working.

I am looking for people based in London or not far from London.

If you are in or near London, have been through the WCA and deemed "fit for work" and would be willing to talk to Amandine her Email address is


  1. Interesting to see that foreign media are starting to pick up on the problems with WCA - great advert for the country, not!

  2. how can it be right that people having to take massive amounts of morphine and fentanyl be found to be fit for work...this is crazy and also a danger to the person in pain and to the employer who is supposed to find them totally barbaric and inhuman..shame on this government.