Friday 15 July 2011

BREAKING NEWS!!! Government Delays Welfare Reform Bill...

This just in from the Disability Alliance. I'm sure they won't mind me posting it in full:

Government delays Welfare Reform Bill

The Government has been forced to delay the 2nd Reading of the flagship Bill in the Lords due to peers' concerns over the people affected.

DWP is suggesting other business has blocked progress but the surprise postponement till September from Tues will also give the Government time to lobby peers and answer the queries raised in DA's legal challenge

This is wonderful, surprising, startling news!!! I need a little lie down before I say any more, but remember this - if it gives the government more time to lobby, it gives us more time too :)

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  1. And of course we have Lansley's NHS consultation sham to show that just because they claim they're listening doesn't mean they're actually going to change a damn thing.