Thursday, 3 November 2011

Panorama - The Price of Hate

Dear Panorama Team,

As a disabled benefit claimant who sails, I'm wondering whether Panorama will be making a programme on the number of disabled people who will suffer hate attacks as a result of tonight's programme? Personally I'm into double figures with hate attacks from complete strangers who only need to see my crutches to know I'm a fraud and a scrounger and a fake. No need even to know if I'm claiming any benefit - disabled, guilty as charged.

I'm now scared to leave the house tomorrow, isn't that a proud addition to Panorama's legacy!


(Sent to Panorama's email address 22:00 3-11-11)


  1. It was a totally irresponsible programme,providing misinformation(mainly by absence of facts)and prejudice in the pursuit of tabloidesque popularity with little or no regard for the ammunition it gleefully provided to the misinformed and prejudiced public.Disgraceful.

  2. Unfortunately , you're not alone.

  3. Will they ever show tax dodgers or those who are in dire need of benefits and how difficult it is to live on them? I doubt it.

  4. I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing hate attacks. I'm fortunate that this has only happened to me once so far (two years ago before all this propoganda started), but it was a very traumatic experience. I hope you are ok and "don't let the b******* get you down" etc.

    Please post whatever reply you receive from the BBC. I hope they treat these complaints seriously and think about what they are doing in future.

  5. The BBC has a conflict of interest. They have a technology contract with ATOS. They also got over 2000 free iphones and macs from ATOS.

  6. I'm 45 and disabled. I've had Grade 3 breast cancer, botched surgery, two horrible MRSA infections and Hep C from a blood transfusion. I'm SO tired of having to justify my inability to work, of attending pointless "back to work" interviews, of sitting in front of an ATOS rep with no experience of my condition. If I didn't have a 10-year-old daughter (and yes, I AM a single mum), I wouldn't bother. I'd be a statistic on "Cuts Kill Again", because my life has been reduced to worrying about benefits, about price rises and fuel bills, shoes for my child, and what we can afford to eat. I didn't sue the NHS when I got MRSA as a going-home present, because I knew it wasn't anyone's "fault"; I got MRSA because of Gov't cuts to NHS budgets. Now I'm dying, and they STILL can't leave me alone. I watched the Panorama programme and I also felt afraid; I can't carry a sign saying "Don't hit me, I've had cancer!", I need my hands for walking aids now.