Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Atos: 'A Brand Under Terrible Pressure'

The Guardian described the Paralympics as 'Surprisingly Political' in an article on Monday. How anyone can be surprised given the ongoing demonisation of disabled people in public life I'm not certain, especially when that demonisation continued during the games as plans for savage punishment of disabled benefit claimants became clear and the Telegraph sank to Hate Mail levels as it branded us 'lazy sickness benefit claimants'. However the article ranged wider than just covering the protests that disabled people had been staging against the backdrop of the Games, touching also on C4's focus on the transport issues of No Go Britain and coverage of the rising disability hate crime rates.

But it was the anti-Atos protests that were the meat of the article, and the final paragraphs provide ample proof that they have achieved their objective in raising awareness of how Atos really views disabled people beyond the disability community as the article concludes:

(Atos) has become a lightning rod for disability rights protests, such as the demonstrations outside the Atos London HQ and elsewhere last Friday.

"Its not good for Atos, " says PR consultant Mark Borkowski. "If people were not aware of Atos, they certainly are now. It is a brand under terrible pressure."

I'd call that a result!

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  1. Awww, poor old Atos. I expect they're sobbing into their £3bn of taxpayers' money. Not. The government, meanwhile, must be very pleased that the private contractor is copping the flak for an orchestrated campaign of DWP propaganda to vilify the chronically sick and disabled. All that bile and swivel-eyed bigotry in the Telegraph and Mail originates around the cabinet office table.