Thursday 18 April 2013

Labour's latest ad

"Made by the many." A many that apparently doesn't include disabled people.

Not the disabled people who used to be employed in Remploy factories who made everything from wheelchair to computers.

And certainly not a peep about disabled people being employers; using their direct payments to give someone a job.

Nothing about disabled people keeping the car industry in business during tight financial times through the Motability scheme.

Nothing about the DLA that gets poured into the local economy through takeaways when people are unable to cook. Or to local cab companies.

To Labour disabled people aren't part of the many that keep this country going. We don't even exist.


  1. Not only disabled people are excluded - Labour was harping on immigration only last week. In a council election, when councils have no power over immigration.

  2. I honestly don't know which party is going to be the first to propose that anyone permanently incapable of paid work should be euthanised. It feels like any of the three biggies could announce it before 2020. Maybe even before 2015.

    Turns out that all authoritarianism looks the same after all. That seems to be what "post-ideological" *really* means now.

  3. I do think given a few years they'll bring in compulsory euthanasia for the disabled.