Tuesday 14 September 2010

"Pregnant mother leaps to her death with five-month-old son in her arms after losing benefits" Daily Mail

Just a quick post because the woman in question was neither disabled nor claiming (or trying to claim) disability benefits, so the story isn't 100% on topic for us. But I think it's relevant enough to justify a short post because it further illustrates an issue I brought up before: The human cost of benefits cuts.

A pregnant woman jumped to her death while clutching her baby son after her benefits had been stopped, an inquest heard.

Read the full story on the Daily Mail website.

Edit: I should make clear that this is news from 9 months ago so not directly related to Osborne swinging his axe. I felt it was pertinent to WtB (which didn't exist 9 months ago) because it highlights what happens when people find themselves financially unable to go on living; because these cuts will put more people in that position.

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  1. Not ashamed to say I cried. I just thank God I haven't got a kid. I would've done the same I think.