Thursday 9 September 2010

Welfare cut voxpops, and a few links

Firstly, a couple of blog posts relating to the proposed changes to ESA which you might find interesting: The Brighton Benefits Campaign's article Employment and Support Allowance - a new harsher test. It explains clearly what is wrong with the new test - and has lots of citations to back up their argument. Then, there is a protest against benefit cuts organised by the European Network on Independent Living western region (ENIL West) Join ENIL West to protest at the Tory Party Conference. I'm sure there will be more protests taking place, but there's one for starters.

On another note, ahead of tonight's TV Spending Review debate Nick Robinson presented some voxpops on the evening news yesterday. People said:
"It's too easy for people just to sit back [and not work]"
"[People on benefits] are lazy"
"There should be a means tested system"

and although some other comments were presented for balance, for example:
"We'd really struggle if we didn't get our tax credit"
the results of Nick's street survey was that people were all for benefit cuts - unless it affected them personally.

Not one person mentioned disability - there was a sweeping assumption by respondents that everyone who did not have a job was lazy - not considering the large number of people who are unable to work because of impairment.

One older respondent said that she was not on benefits so it didn't affect her, until Nick Robinson ascertained she received pension credit, a bus pass and winter fuel allowance! How worrying that people may be dismissive of welfare cuts without realising who it will truly affect, and not considering disabled people who may be unable to cope when the cuts come in.

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