Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Disability Rights: Justice Commissioner Vivianne Reding Unveils EU Commission's Disability Strategy For The Next Decade

"Disabled Europeans must receive equal treatment and have equal access in all spheres of life is the main thrust of the European Commission's new disability strategy which was unveiled in Brussels earlier today." reports Egov monitor


  1. What a load of tosh - Disabled people will not be equal in any way shape or form because the ConDemn government have singled them out as a target for cuts upon cuts and unfair medicals they KNOW that nobody can pass and then they remove the help for appeal. Therefore all the ConDemn Goverment have done is to segregate the disabled people even moreso than they ever were before! Now - To this Govt all we are are scum and an annoyance because we exist. We are scum on their shoe and they wanna scrape us off asap.

    This Govt care nothing at all for us - They hate us - They attack us continually when we already fought for DLA and felt a release to get it for life in some instances and now they move the goalposts and make us fight yet again and fight a fight that if we can move one finger - suddenly we aren't disabled any more - Hey Cameron - I am due to have my jab in a week - HAVE IT FOR ME AND THE PAIN I HAVE FROM IT! Not that it eases much, but it makes life marginally less painful for a month or two. But - hey I still have use of one thumb - I must be able to run the marathon with it eh Cameron!!!

    I despise this Govt for saying they cared then proving how they dont!

  2. Hi, I think I am going to post a link on my blog: standup4ms.blogspot.com...then I can follow your chain of thoughts and pass these to my contacts who are not best pleased. I need to work my voicerec machine to tell the rest of my story. It has been HELL because it includes my brush with direct payments, Cheers @standup4MS aka @msresearch

  3. Anom it's not the Tories mate all that we are going through right now is the New labour medicals, new labour wanted to stop DLA with that fat Pratt Brown.

    The fact is all government believe we are cheats, well no they do not they want us to be equal we have demanded it for years well now we have it, equality means your treated the same as others, hence others work.

  4. But we are never treated equally by employers Robert, equal opps never worked in our favour there are just too many get out clauses by employers.

  5. i was told a pack of lies from ATOS who said i was fit for work in JAN 10 i had tribuneral 16th Nov and was met with hostility , i had loads of medical eviddence which they 3 tossers who get paid i was told £ 2oo per day ( not bad ) to have a laugh on the sick persons expense !! i was turned down again im told i am fit for work , i have ME/CFS Fibro and life is a living hell on earth !! ATOS DWP all tell lies !!

  6. Fine words don't translate into fine actions, alas.
    The disabled are becoming demonised, pushed to the edges of society.... the trouble is of course that we are not the problem. In a year or two, when they have cut our benefits and the country is still in a mess, what then?

    Doesn't bear thinking about.

  7. I'm not equal of course I'm not and yes employers do treat us different, I wonder why could the answer be due to my disability I cannot do as a non disabled person.

    I'm using a wheelchair I'm slower, I cannot go up stairs, and in fact if you ask me to fill the shelves at Tesco or Asda I can only do the shelves in the middle.

    Disability does make me non equal because I cannot do as I once did, shocking to some people but not to me, I cannot climb a ladder or go up hills which are to steep.

    Until people stop and think about equality and stop making up laws for me without asking me we will end up like some group of people who were once though as untouchable

  8. Agree with you Robert. Laws about the disabled should be made with us, not on our behalf by people who are able bodied. How can they know how disability effects each disabled person? I think we should have a mass protest on the same day around the country to get people thinking.

  9. Atos must be loving the fact that they are getting so much more work! The only people who will be made rich and happy about this 'change' is atos!

    I am a human being - So why are they treating me like someone who had done wrong - I am not a murderer - I am not a burglar - I am not anyone who hurts anyone else - All I am is DISABLED!

    This Govt have demonised the disabled and demoralised us also - I feel like I will be sent on my way and told to find a job when I cannot do it - I am scared and feel very alone all because of this Govt. - They are not making this country better - They are making a bloody mess of it. (Oh and note - they can give millions to other counries - But can't to their own)

  10. Almost every comment above is so very true and I feeel your pain litterally! I am in a slightly different situation in the fact I was seriously ill..and isolated in the UK so moved to Norway..
    Help & understanding from UK PLC!!!

    you will not be surprised to hear the answer a resounding NO! I am a leper to them...It is just tuff if I decided to leave the UK..NO BENEFITS FOR YOU!!

    You would all recognise the way I have being treated buy the UK Works & pensions (uk Gov)

    LIke I am dirt,a no body,someone they would rather just go away and die so that is another one off there list!! in many other countries,The Uk Government would be standing up in parliament the Eu and Un decrying the dictatorships for less (than they do)in certain circumstances!

    and we call ourselves a democracy what a joke a bad one at that.

    In my case it is sheer descrimination..I am ill no one argues this..all agree I should be entitled to help? but you have guessed it no one can pay me a bean..because they have manipulated the rules to there own benefit and I am not only bloody angry I am ashamed to be British..

    I have sought halp from everyone from my MP in Scotland to European law (rights groups)CAB and so on and nothing can be done I am told..

    to add to the hurt I feel some of the replies from the powers that be have being less than understanding or friendly..and they are now masters at the smoke & mirrors and stone walling hoping they can break your resolve//
    well I may die very soon but these Bleeps will never brak my resolve for justice..I am tired and feel very sad most of the time that human beings in a western society can be treated like crimianls for just being ill....
    Steve (Norway)