Thursday 4 November 2010

Round-Up Post

There are plenty of must-read articles and blog posts which I haven't had the time or the spoons to cover. All of the following are well worth a look.
  • Scope are running a survey about the real costs of being disabled, which you can fill in here.
  • "On the Shoulders of the Vulnerable", an article from Morning Star with information about ATOS and how ESA medicals are failing disabled people, especially those of us with mental health problems.
  • A Guardian article, Housing Benefit Cuts: What's the Real Truth?
  • Laurie Penny in the New Statesman writes Strictly Come Scrounging, Anyone?, about The X Factor vision of society [which] blames the poor for their predicament.
  • Hopi Sen and Left Futures point out the contradiction in David Cameron criticising those claiming over £20,000 in housing benefits, compared to his own expenses claims for his second home.
  • Crisis, a national charity for single homeless people, have created a comprehensive, myth-busting press release full of information on how the government are 'peddling myths' to sell the Housing Benefit cuts.
  • Lenin's Tomb deconstructs a Daily Mail article decrying 75% of Incapacity Benefit claimants as 'fit to work'.
  • The same article is looked at on This Is My Blog, who looks in depth at 'abandoned claims' and why they might really happen.
  • Susannah posts a plea for help, describing how the removal of the Mobility Component of DLA from people in residential care will directly affect her brother.



    Labour view on welfare guess what it's the same as the Tories.......

  2. Not a lot going on in the campaigning trail by the look of it, whats the matter have you all given up.

  3. Transparent and accountable This Govt said - What a crock! It is blatantly obvious what the disabled will be put through - Ten ton of crap and stress. They will say we are fit to work when we are not - Then when we are not we will lose all benefits for up to THREE years - Thus - Meaning many of the weaker of society will die - WELL DONE CAMERON and your little lap-dog Clegg - HOPE YOU GET A DISABILITY LIKE MINE ONE DAY!!!