Wednesday 8 December 2010

DLA Consultation: The Internet Responds.

Yesterday, we posted Broken of Britain's response to the DLA reform consultation, and today I am going to try to read the government's consultation document itself.

Other disability blogs and websites have already done some great posts on this subject, and I wanted to draw attention to some of what is being said around the interwebz on the reform proposals.

Fighting Monsters writes From DLA to PIP - a consultation begins.

Arbitrary Constant writes DLA Reform Consultation: Great Expectations, Worst Apprehensions. write DLA claimants to miss out in benefits shake-up.

Disability Alliance write Government announces cuts to disabled people's support as "new test".

Left Foot Forward writes Supporting Disabled People Not Sustainable says Coalition.

Disabled People Against Cuts have a cartoon entitled Don't worry when we want your opinion we'll tell you what it is.

I don't know whether I'll be able to make my way through reading the consultation document myself without breaking things and / or having a complete meltdown, but if I do I will try to summarise it in a blog post when I have.

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  1. I also cartooned a response.

  2. One may be able to get about via using a wheelchair but like everything appliances have to be maintained. I know such things as batteries for powered wheelchairs can cost anything up to over and above £500. Who will be funding financial assistance to enable the disabled wheelchair users to remain mobile?

  3. And what if you cannot push yourself - They assume people are going to give up their time FREE to push you around?