Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Another case of the human cost of benefit cuts

I've written before about the deaths of Paul Reekie and Christelle Pardo. But as right-wingers keep pointing out, those two both killed themselves before the cuts were rolled out. Of course most people can see that if people have killed themselves as a result of losing their benefits, even if it was before the austerity agenda, that it's a cautionary tale against attacking disabled people's meagre incomes.

But, still, there are some that assert that the suicides of Reekie and Pardo have no relevance to the cuts whatsoever.

Sadly the proof that cuts kill has arrived: 33 year old Paul Willcoxson who had mental health problems killed himself because he was so worried about benefit cuts.

A suicide letter and next of kin note were found in which he expressed concerns about Government cuts, Southampton Coroner’s Court heard.

Such a sad event. My thoughts go out to Willcoxson's friends and family.

Related: Someone wrote to DPAC explaining how difficulty claiming benefits was a factor in their sister's suicide.


  1. Rest in Peace, Mr Willcoxson. My sympathies to his family and friends.

    It was known by everyone involved in the changes that this would happen.

    "I am sad today, boys. I am sad, and I am angry."

    Thanks for letting us know, Lisa.

  2. So sad, rest in peace.
    I'm afraid there will be more cases like this due to the relentless attacks by our government and its private collaborators. This was obvious from the start of these vile "reforms" Crimes against humanity.