Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Terminally ill people told to go back to work

Not content with the current cuts to benefits, the Department of Work and Pensions has been sending worrying letters about the Welfare Reform Bill, which has yet to be passed.

Terminally ill people claiming Employment and Support Allowance have received letters telling them that as of April 2012, ESA will only be paid for a year to those in the Work-Related Activity group. However, this change is retrospective so people currently receiving ESA could lose it when the new rule comes in.

Understandably this news has been met with shock by disability groups. Neil Coyle of Disability Alliance told the Guardian: "The impact of cutting support will be devastating for people already told they only have a limited time left to live. Many will have worked for years and will feel they deserve a little support in return until they pass away.”

It is reported that the cost of sending these notification letters is £2.7m.

A DWP spokesman said “The process of working may be helpful in giving [terminally ill people] a sense of being useful and prolonging their lives.” But in a economic climate where it’s hard enough for an able-bodied person to find work, the challenge of finding work for someone with a life-limiting condition may be a step too far.


  1. I already HAVE a sense of useful purpose in my life, and it doesn't involve leaving my child with a childminder while I go and take up my place as a cog in the machine of pseudo-slavery that is "target-driven" office culture, it involves nurturing and caring for my child. If I were told to give up this precious bond after being told I have only limited time left because dumping my daughter in childcare to do some work would give me a "sense of purpose" towards the end there would be no limit to the size of my outrage.

    Not everyone who is not in paid employment is aimless and sitting at home watching Jeremy Kyle, we actually already have purpose.

  2. The Sheer Cruelty Of These B**tards Knows No Bounds! So Much For The Nasty Party!

  3. How could they work if they're that ill and only have a limited time left?