Monday 16 January 2012

Guest post: Lords vote tomorrow, Jan 17th

This is a guest post from Hossylass

On Tuesday the Lords vote on abolishing DLA and replacing it with PIP.

The Spartacus Report (Responsible Reform Report) was written because the Government did not consult correctly on PIP, and lied about the results.

We have to stop PIP, it has no foundation and many people will be financially penalised for not being the "right sort of disabled".

The criteria given so far are minimal, and many people simply will not fit into the 15 tick box questions.

No-one will be exempt, everyone will be assessed, in a similar way to ESA.

The only way we can stop this is to persuade the Lords to ask for a pause in the process so that PIP can be discussed further.

All the things you need to write an email are available in OuchToo. There are lists of the Lords emails, there are template letters, guidelines of what to include and a thread about PIP and what people think they will lose.

One last push is what is needed - remember disabled people chained themselves to the Gates of Downing Street, and there should be "Nothing about us without us".

Please find time to send the emails, you can do it in bulk and it will only take a few minutes.
Save our DLA - only we can do it !

And finally, many thanks for all your efforts, for all your tweeting, report sending, facebooking, emailing. Never before have so many disabled people done so much together, and last week we frightened the Government and changed the minds of the Lords.

Lets do it again this week.

Many thanks again.

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