Monday 23 January 2012

♫...Here in my car I feel safest of all...♫

On Thursday I posed a question that's been bothering me:

I got a couple of replies:

So then I asked:

And got these replies:

The government only care about business and profits, not people. They're not listening to the human case for not taking benefits, so I think we need to try another tack: The business case. As I understand it; Motability was effectively the only thing that stopped the car industry from caving in.

I have no contacts within the car industry, I know nothing about business lobbying. I'm worse than useless at motivating people to do stuff. I have zero ideas about how we get the car business to speak up. All I do know is that while the government won't listen to disabled people, they will listen to the concerns of their big business buddies. So I'm throwing this idea out there as a possible avenue for a plan of attack we haven't exploited yet.


  1. Would Motability be subject to FOI requests - given that they're using public funds (DLA money) - in spite of the fact that they're a charity?

    If they are, perhaps a FOI request asking for a breakdown of how much cash goes to each car manufacturer or leasing company would point you in the right direction. A breakdown by car make and model would be better still, to give the manufacturers some detail they could get their teeth into.

  2. Hmmm I remember doing a person search about the top execs in tthe motability group and discovered some odd connections - I think, but not sure (memory awful) that oneof them was in insurance, and one of the insurance companies that have met with government about welfare reform...

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  4. Are we absolutely sure that only people on 'enhanced' mobility will be eligible? It's such an incredible re-design of eligibility that I've wondered whether 'standard' mobility will be eligible too. I can't find any reference to Motability in the PIP documents.

    1. £19.55 a week isn't going to pay for a car...