Thursday, 5 April 2012

32 deaths a week.

I haven't been able to write here for a while. After the Welfare Reform Bill came into law it has all felt a bit pointless. I felt helpless, that all was lost.

Whether or not that is the case remains to be seen, but I've been prompted back into action after seeing this story: 32 die a week after failing test for new incapacity benefit.

32 people every week.
We've used the Freedom of Information Act to discover that, between January and August last year, 1,100 claimants died after they were put in the "work-related activity group".

This group - which accounted for 21% of all claimants at the last count - get a lower rate of benefit for one year and are expected to go out and find work. [...]

We don't know how many people died after being found "fit to work", the third group, as that information was "not available".

But we have also found that 1,600 people died before their assessment had been completed.
Go and read the whole thing, and kick up a fuss, put this to the top of everybody's agenda. It can't go on.


  1. Please don't lose hope! There's always SOMEONE somewhere who will assist, even if it's just a kind word or tweet or whatever.

    This is indeed a deliberate culling of our population in the UK by the political representatives of the richest people in society (and many thousands of working class fools who think Tories will help them).

    I reckon we need to report these killings to Police or even the anti-Terrorist squad because government Ministers are NOT above the law. And our laws still prohibit murder, assisted suicide, homicide, and a variety of other charges that could so easily be laid at those elected politicians.

    These people are supposed to be in a position of trust and to ensure our health, well-being and security. Not to attack us to the point of death.

    Let's start reporting Grayling, Lansley, Osborne and Cameron et al to Police on grounds of attempted murder and homicide.

  2. The face that they don't keep a record of deaths after being declared fit for work is precisely because they knew all along the number would be high. See

    They also don't keep a record of how many people declared fit for work actually get jobs - even more of a giveaway, as this is their supposed reason for the whole fiasco!

  3. People die all the time - is it being claimed that there is a link between the decision and them dying ? I am worried about the bad science or statistics being misused here - it doesn't help the case

    1. What? The point isn't that the tests are killing people (though they are).

      The point is that the test is so flawed that it's finding terminally ill people at death's door to be "fit for work".