Thursday 10 February 2011

DLA Consultation Extended

The consultation on the planned reforms to DLA was extended this afternoon.  It will now end on 18th February, four days later than planned.  This was done very quietly - I've googled it and not found any announcements but the date on the website now reads as "extended to 18th February". 

No reason for this extension has been given, however there is a now a note on the website stating that the online submissions are broken and giving an e-mail address to use instead.  It is likely this is the reason why.

I'd like to encourage everyone to make the most of these extra few days to contact MPs, share what DLA means to them and to sign the petition against DLA reform.  Even just sharing the links to the petition and/or to One Month Before Heartbreak on your blog, twitter or facebook (or similar) would be a great help.

It's not just the lives of disabled people and their carers which will be altered by DLA reform. Lives change in an instant, and people become disabled. Tomorrow you could wake up find you or a loved one need DLA.  This affects everyone - even those who think it's nothing to do with them.

1 comment:

  1. There is no point. We are scum. Every reply from any MP is the same as the last saying 'If you are truly disabled you will be ok' But we KNOW that being disabled means sod all. We are scum.

    My Driving Licence was removed and changed for a 3yr one cos I am disabled - So how come ATOS suddenly know more than my Neurologist or my Doctor?

    ATOS are scum. ConDem are scum. And they are preying on the little people who cannot shout loud enough to be heard.

    That means we are doomed. I feel doomed. And unless I won lotto I dont even do - My life is now ticking down the minutes until they start attacking me first taking away my DLA, then telling me I am suddenly cured and send me off to work that I cannot do cos of the pain and fatigue. Then they will ruin life for my children, and finally when enough people will have killed themselves they will stupidly say 'well they were fakers anyways'

    So suffice to say I know the end is on its way to me - The hand that will 'kill me' will be that of Cameron!

    He talks alot but he is a rich man, and doesn't need to survive on benefits. And he will look down from his pedestal on pathetic small broken people like me.

    And I will cease to exist while he gets his sights on another small amount of people who cannot fight back and start attacking them.

    Cameron is starting to sound akin to Hitler - He just hasn't opened his Gas camps as yet!