Monday 7 February 2011

Live Q&A With The Minister in charge of DLA

Just a quick note to let Where's The Benefit? readers know that Maria Miller, the minister in charge of disability living allowance, is going to be answering Guardian readers' questions about the proposed scrapping of DLA, and this could be an ideal opportunity for those of us with concerns to put forward our comments, worries and suggestions.
The consultation on reform of the DLA closes on 14 February. But before this happens, Maria Miller, minister for disabled people, is giving you the chance to ask her questions and put forward your thoughts on the proposals directly to her live online, on Wednesday at 1.45pm.
To ask Maria Miller a question, go to this page on the Guardian website, and post your question as a comment at the bottom of the article.


  1. Thank YOu - Will pass the word to as many others as possible

  2. Well that was a massive waste of time. In case you missed it, don't bother wading through the Guardian thread just read the DLA consultation document which she simply repeated. The only new information was that her experience of disability is based on living with her disabled mother.

    You'd think she would know better then...

  3. I thought that was a pretty informative Q&A. True, she repeated what we already know, but hey, what did you think she's going to say?

  4. Maria!
    I was disabled in 1990*
    awarded DLA* lifetime award!
    and severe disability allowance*8
    my Doctor stated!
    you realise that you can never work again!
    but don't worry!
    the UK* has a fantastic support system!
    please don't fail me Maria*
    DLA* allows me to live alone independently
    and enjoy my life!
    as stated by the EU* convention!