Sunday 20 February 2011

March 26 March

The TUC have (finally) released the access info for the March on the 26th of March.

As a result DPAC have officially announced that they will be taking part.

If you are at all able to make it (even if you can only do the shorter route) I highly recommend that you do; disabled people need to be seen and heard at this event. For example, if you're not a wheelchair owner but have concerns about your ability to remain upright for the march it's worth remembering that the Red Cross have a wheelchair loans service. It's also worth noting that DPAC have a page where people can find "buddies" for rallies if you think you might need some assistance on the day.

If you're really, truly, unable to make it then DPAC have also made plans for protesters to carry photos of those who wanted to be there but are too ill.

I look forward to meeting lots of you on the day.


  1. Oh my goodness how much I would love to do this march. I mean I REALLY would love to do this march. I feel so strongly about the changes to benefits (I claim Incapacity Benefit). If I lived in London I would be there no doubt about it but I cannot come on my own to London - it's just impossible. Organise a simultaneous march in Birmingham PLEASE.

  2. @Anonymous;

    Have a look at DPAC's "buddies for rallies" page. I know there'll be other protesters coming from the Midlands, they might be able to travel down with you.

  3. @Anonymous;
    Not sure what your impairment is but UNITE are providing free transport for non-union members and you should contact your local UNITE office about this.
    As for Birmingham
    transport is at

    8am - outside PCS office, 16 Waterloo Street, Birmingham, B2 5UG.
    Tickets and info from or

    you can also, as Lisa said, ask at the Buddies page to see of someone is willing to PA for you for the day. In the spirit of solidarity, you never know...