Saturday 9 October 2010

Destination Unknown

The charities Scope and The Barrow Cadbury Trust commissioned some research by the think tank Demos into the effects of welfare cuts on disabled people, which has been released today.

The Government’s proposed welfare reforms will see 3.5 million disabled people lose over £9.2 billion of critical support by 2015 pushing them further into poverty and closer to the fringes of society. Plans to move disabled people onto Job Seekers Allowance will account for half (£4.87 billion) of these losses.

The report, Destination Unknown, also questions Government claims that the proposals will result in more disabled people moving into work, arguing that, in fact, they are likely to result in more disabled people ending up trapped in long-term unemployment and a low pay no pay cycle – ultimately costing the tax-payer far more.


A synopsis of the report is available on Scope's website while a pdf of the full 164 page document is available via Demos.

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  1. Im on welfare payments in Australia for disability,and after reading about the governments rude war on disabled benefit claimants,I am absolutley horrified.Surely theres enough intelligence amongst a few of those politicians to see not only how inhumane it would be but also how ultimatley it will only cause bigger and badder problems within a short space of time.Its so damned hard as it is being mentally disabled,like Lisa says,if your heads in a place of its own there not much you can do,let alone fill in forms,it can release the demons and it can cause total chaos and complete destruction of some people.It really hasnt been thought out or considered properly or with ANY care or concern,human rights,for these poor people who already suffer so much in their everyday lives,with so little money as it is we are stuck having to stay with the doctor,who makes money for each patient he puts on antidepressants,working hand in hand with the evil money hungry pharmacutical companies that serve up medications that dont even work,or at worse damage you further.Instead maybe the GOVT could give these people an increase so they can afford to try out some natural health alternatives,which do actually make a difference to your wellbeing,and with that you may even end up with some of the claimants becoming healthy and mentally balanced enough to actually go out and get some work.Accupuncture,Cupping,Homeopathics,Reiki Healings,Cranial balancing,Orthomolecular psychiatry,biochemical medicine,osteopathy and Shamanic healing.These methods are proven ways to help people to recover from Schizophrenia.In Africa people with these kinds of mental illness are considered to be quite special and important people who are able to be in touch with spirit,and their Shamans show them the way to get through the times that are tough until they are like other so called "normal" people in society.