Wednesday 20 October 2010

Comprehensive Spending Review - Live Blog Impact on Disabled People

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As the details of the Comprehensive Spending Review are announced over the next few hours I'll try to put those aspects which affect disabled people into this blog as quickly as possible. Watch this space...

  • Cuts might seem less traumatic to an already frightened and vulnerable population if the ConDem government made at least a token effort to disguise their glee.  
  • Tweeted by @jonesythered "...Reform the welfare system that our country can no longer afford" - Translation: 'We're shutting down the welfare state. Bye bye!'
  • "Public services and welfare system will be put on a sustainable footing" George Osborne. Translation "Cut, cut, cut"
  • "Fairness means creating a welfare system that helps the vulnerable, supports people into work and is affordable for the working families who pay for it." George Osborne  
  •  Administrative budgets of every main government department will be cut by a third
  • 490 000 public sector jobs to go
  • Core grants to local authorities will be reduced except for fire, police and education. Why is social care not exempt?
  • Grant funding for social care increased by £1bn and a further £1bn to the NHS so that elderly people do not fall between the cracks of two systems. Begs the question does the chancellor know that adult social care applies to 18+ not just the elderly?
  • Social Housing. Current tenants will not be changed. For future tenants will be flexible length tenancy and increased rents
  • Priority given to protecting Disabled Facilities Grant
  • Osbourne "Social housing changes - New tenants will have higher rents at 80% of local rent levels. Exisiting tenants unchanged "csr10 #cuts tweeted by @HovellingHermit
  • Extra £2bn for social care by 2014/15
  • Social Housing. New Tenants to pay 80% of market rent. No detail as to how that will work with 10% reduction in Housing Benefit, currently paid for by Local Authorities or £400 per week cap affecting places like London most severely
  • An extra 150,000 affordable homes over four years? A fraction of what is needed to meet need and demand. #csr10 Tweeted by @patrickjbutler
  • "A fair government makes sure that those with the broadest shoulders bear the greatest burden." George Osborne
  • "I completely understand the publics anger that the banks that were so poorly regulated over the last decade and wrought such damage to our economy should be contemplating paying such high bonuses. We have set up independant commission on banking." George Osborne
  • Our aim will be to extract the maximum sustainable financial revenues [from the banks] George Osborne
  • Police spending to fall by 4% each year. As disability hate crime does not have the same legal protection as racial hate crime will this mean even more disabled people fall victim?
  • Nor will fraud in the welfare system be tolerated anymore. We estimate £5bn is lost this year each way. We will step up our plans to combat benefit cheats
  • A civilised country provides for families, protects the most vulnerable. 
  • Guarantee of decent income in retirement has to be paid for. Lord Turner's report on pensions acknowledged more generous pensions must be paid for by increase in state pension age. 
  • State pension age for men and women will be 66 starting in 2015
  • £5bn Osborne claims is fraudulent in welfare system is disingenous at best. The figure includes official error made by DWP
  • Welfare system is there to help people of working age when they lose their job, have a disability or have children. 
  • "Last govt promised reform and flunked it. We will deliver" GO
  • Universal Credit. Guiding rule, it will always pay to work. Those who get work will be better of than those who don't.
  • UC introduced over next 2 parliaments and will go alongside new work programme we are introducing today
  • DWP will make savings to help deliver these schemes by digital uses but we will also be seeking additional £200 million savings from rest of welfare bill
  • Contributory ESA will be time limited to 1 year for those in employment group
  • Rules on Mobility and Care elements of DLA to be aligned for those in residential care
  • Tax credits, basic and 30 hour elements to be frozen
  • Introducing new cap on benefits. NO family which doesn't work will receive more in benefits than the average family in work. Those in receipt of DLA WILL be excluded from this cap
  • Universal benefits for pensioners, free eye tests, free TV licenses, winter fuel allowance will remain exactly as budgeted for by the previous govt
  • Temporary increase in cold weather payments becomes permanent increase! This applies to those on benefits such as income support if the temperature falls below 0 degrees for at least 7 consecutive days
  • Contribution based limited to a year for those in employment group but what about income based ? Means testing by stealth? @BendyGirl
  • Benefits savings help protect NHS George Osborne
  • So far information about changes to Disability Living Allowance are conspicuous in their absence.
  • Re £5bn Osborne claims is lost to fraud in benefits system. Only £1.5bn is fraud. Rest is official error. Blatant misrepresentation of fraud levels being used as an excuse to justify cuts.
  • #dla 'reforms' will probably be announced in seperate announcement - maybe when in Social Security Uprating statement announcing next year's levels @TimMullen
  • Educational Maintenance Allowance to be replaced by more targeted support


  1. Thanks for blogging this live. Looking forward to your analysis. Really important stuff.

    P.S Had anyone noticed that the "£2 billion extra for social care" is exactly the same figure as the amount they want to use to reassess everyone to chuck them off benefits? Or am I being silly?

  2. "Nor will fraud in the welfare system be tolerated anymore. We estimate £5bn is lost this year each way. We will step up our plans to combat benefit cheats"

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!! £3.5bn is YOUR F'ING ERROR YOU ****! Liar liar liar liar.

    Sorry, just needed to get that off my chest. Thanks to everyone who has TRIED to point it out, over and over and over again. I wish there was some way of just suing the arse off these people for the lies they come out with about claimants. Why is attacking them ok?

    This is like banging your head off a brick wall.

    Thanks for all the updates. A lot of waffle from the "Government" as usual.

  3. Hi

    They are also cutting council tax benefit by 10%
    at the same time as Housing benefit.

  4. So let me get this right - able-bodied pensioners continue to live on the relatively luxurious amount of £10k + free EVERYTHING, while disabled people under pensionable age are expected to just bloody starve or die on the streets?

  5. I hope to god they don't touch DLA further. The EDM for DLA medicals has 78 MPs signatures.

    Its all horiffic!! They are the fat, greedy party!!!

  6. Personally, I would prefer they lessened my DLA (and yes that would be horrifically hard to cope with) Than to send me for yet more ridiculous medicals by untrained people who don't know what my illness is all about. I would prefer that the govt reduced my benefit than wasted money on a medical for ALL claimants that only makes the medical company RICH off the backs of disabled people.

    I know 99% of people would disagree - And I know that to reduce my benefit would mean hell for me - But I also know that hell without the fight I do not have the strength to fight would be an easier way for the govt to save money without making people like myself hoard our meds to end our lives!

    I know Cameron and co will never read this, but - That is what I would say to them - reduce DLA by 25% for all - And stop making people who don't know HOW to do a medical rich off the lives of the disabled!

  7. Maybe they should add 'stairlifts to be less expensive' to the list. That might at least help ease the burden which disabled people will carry.