Thursday 28 October 2010

More vlogs

Well, it seems that vlogging is the new blogging. Here are 3 videos that have been made by members of our writing team in the last few days.

This time last week I posted BenefitScroungingScum's first video. Here is number 2:

And number 3:

A couple of days ago Blu did a "day in the life" twitter diary which Incurable Hippie turned into a silent video:

Finally, it's not a vlog, it's a clip from his live TV show last Friday. But Paul O'Grady on the subject of cuts is worth a watch:

Parts of that last video have been transcribed by The Guardian's MediaMonkey, but I'm afraid not in its entirety.

1 comment:

  1. How can we speak out to this govt who refuse to hear us! Will they see these films.


    I dont think they care if I live or die - And I do not want to die - But I store meds, because I see no other way.

    I dont feel like I have any strength, I feel like I am a nothing to them.
    I will never bother to vote again because they are all liars - I am ashamed to be British, where they will give more toother countries than the people who were born here - They will spend more on bombs to killothers than they will on saving the lives of their own disabled people - I AM ASHAMED TO BE BRITISH

    The cuts will man I wont eat, wont be able to pay my bills for heating. The cuts will mean they will lie about me and say I can work while my health deteriorates more and more until I can take no more and I end it for them - The ultimate saving eh cameron - You wont have to pay a penny for me!

    I am sick of them saying ATOS will know if a disabled person can work or not - They dont know abotu neurological conditions, they do not know about unseen conditions. They do not care for us - They come in and out in less than ten minutes and they get £100 plus for that ''work'' then they lie on a bit of paper and its all rubbish as all the person is is a piece of meat to be moved through their system.

    If DLA only has 5% fraud rate - WHY IN GODS NAME are they throwing off 20% of people????????????
    That just shows that this Govt are not thinking straight and that they see all disabled people as nothings. We are PEOPLE we are HUMANS - And just because we are disabled - we still have feelings and we still need to feel like we are not animals!

    You cannot have one benefit for all - As we are not all universal - Some of us are disabled! Some of us are not! Some of us have children some of us do not - WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT

    Stop wasting money on silly ideas and instead - Improve what you have instead of throwing away humans like trash.

    Honestly I no longer feel like a Human I do not feel valued, I do not feel that I am deserving of being valued. I feel like nothing, I feel like an annoyance to this world and that the normal people dont want me here because I am a stain on their oh so perfect society. The Govt think I am nothing and they want me to sod off and disappear so they dont have to be confronted by me. All I am is a stain on the society pages. Disabled people - Are just worthless nothings