Friday 8 October 2010

An Easy Way to Email your MP to Protest Benefit Cuts.

Scope are running a campaign to email your MP to ask them to take action immediately to oppose the cuts to the public services and benefits that many disabled people in the UK use and rely on.

All you have to do is fill in your contact details, then your MP's email address is automatically found and you can read and alter the proposed message before you confirm that you would like it to be sent.

So, email your MP to protest the proposed cuts here.

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  1. It's not just the cuts - The DLA medical being unfair for neurological conditions they can't SEE - I emailed my MP - I don't believe I will get any help from that person. I do not believe any one of the Conservatives care at all about the disabled - All we are to them is a load of wasters who obviously decided to get ill as we are either liars or decided being ill for LIFE would be something to do!

    Well I say to the Conservaties that if they want my Disability - HAVE IT - Please take it - I will happily return to what I was doing before I 'decided' to get ill for the rest of my life!

    I had a life back then - I had friends - I could walk - run - and have places to go - Now I am stuck in my house all day but they will no doubt tell me I am fine to work and DLA (a non work benefit) will be taken away from me like I am a liar! Take my Disability I beg of you!

    Before I got this I was fit and strong and healthy (well I thought I was) now I am a shell of a human who has no life, no friends, nothing.

    The medicals we all know will be unfair. I am petrified of the medical. And I worry myself more ill, But as my neurological condition is an unseen one (bar my walking stick etc) they will asume I am hunky dory and call me a scrounger and tell me to go find a job that doesn't exist in the first place. I will NEVER vote Conservative again - Yet again before being voted in they say one thing and the moment they are in - It's a whole different story and they prove what LIARS they are. They don't care about the disabled - They say they wanna knock 20% of claimants off when they also state that about 1-5% of claims are fake - what about the other 15% you are throwing into the bin - Just because that is what you want - What abut them? They are obviously NOT faudulent claims but you dont care!

    I am a nothing - A nobody - Scum.
    Who cares if I live or die - One less on your book of scumbags.

    Conservative are the scum for letting that phone company OFF 6bn of tax - and finding it via disabled people and the easy targets.

    I went through medicals already - I fought for my 'lifetime' award of DLA - What a crock that was - Aint even been 2 years - Is that my lifetime now?

    Conservatives should read this site and actually get abackbone and admit they were wrong about DLA.

    I would prefer they took some money off my DLA than put me through the wringer of medicals and binned me. Take some of it away but don't throw me out on the streets and force me to make myself so ill that I choose death over life like that!

    Conservatives need to learn how to CARE!

    Your Voting Scum of the earth - The one you hate and who is obviously faking it even after 3 MRI scans prove me right!

  2. I've stuck a link on's Facebook fans page, it's interesting reading and think others could benefit :)

    owner of

  3. I used the Scope email thingummy and am interested to note the reply has already arrived. 2 pages of explaining why she won't be signing this EDM.
    I'm sure there's more to it as it's a really weird copy/paste job of a letter but not sure exactly what just yet! BG