Saturday 2 October 2010

Protesting at the Tory Party Conference

A (hopefully!) large group of disabled people will be protesting against the proposed benefits cuts outside the Tory Party conference tomorrow, Sunday 3rd October 2010. For details of where, times, etc, please see Disabled People Protest.

If, like me, you're unable to go due to a lack of money and/or a lack of spoons then the United Front against benefits cuts has organised a "virtual protest".

To take part they're asking everyone, for just one day on 3rd October, to replace their user pictures on sites like Facebook and Twitter with this image:

image of a blood red teardrop with the text

The organiser of the event describes the reason for the image as:

Cuts hurt when its you thats bleeding

Those participating in the physical protest in Birmingham will be using fake blood also to convey the message that benefits cuts kill

The online protest is an accessible way for most of us to show that we are opposed to the cuts. On Monday you can change your avatar back to the image you usually use to represent yourself online. Please spread the message far and wide. Hopefully between us we'll be able to get some public figures to change their icon with us in solidarity to get the message out that these benefits cuts are not acceptable to us.

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